Husband and wife problem solution

Marriage is that beautiful day of life when two loving people reach their destination. People choose their life partner after thinking a lot before marriage. Examine all the good and bad things carefully. Every little thing is discussed in advance. Those dreams of life after marriage seem very pleasant. The whole day, the thoughts of her future husband and wife remain in her mind. It seems as if all the troubles of life are about to end now. But after marriage, sometimes everything is not as it would have been thought, many small and big things become the cause of the rift in the relationship of Husband Wife. Earthquakes start happening in the dream world, and this world appears to be destroyed. Increasingly, these small quarrels take a formidable form and the matter reaches the divorce. In such a situation, life becomes colorless, and every day seems as harsh as a mountain.

Top 7 reasons of husband wife dispute problem

Lack of trust : The relationship between husband and wife is a symbol of love. The life of husband and wife is that, seeing which young people are happy and see their life in the same dreams. If a couple is called a true matrimonial couple then there is only one reason behind it because of trust between them. If there is trust then life goes well, but if there is a lack of trust, then the husband and wife can never be happy, doubting each other unnecessarily, due to which quarrels start increasing between them and the world laughs at them. In such a situation, your married life comes on the verge of separation.

Husband abusing and beating : For a good married life, both husband and wife must respect each other and consider them as equals. If you consider someone weaker or inferior or inferior to you, then it is wrong. Most of such situations are seen in men, they consider their wife to be their work, consider her their slave or consider them to be an object of their own use. They abuse their maternal relatives, make false accusations against them, and beat them after drinking alcohol. In such a situation, for the woman, that married life becomes like a punishment of hell and the matter reaches to divorce.

Outside husband and wife affair : When two people marry each other, they carry on the promises of 7 births. Every promise is according to every situation, in which there is also a promise that husband and wife will always be devoted to each other and in any situation will not allow their wife’s vow or piety religion to be destroyed. But some couples change after marriage, if they do not get satisfaction from their partner, they grab someone else’s hand, which is enough to end your marriage.

Lack of mutual understanding : Husband and wife are always made to support each other at every turn, so it is not wrong to expect from each other. You say that your partner understands you, even if the world, society, or your family does not understand, because you make a difference with your partner. You want your partner to understand you before you say it. Understand your feelings, understand you are every little thing, but if your partner fails to understand you or does not try to understand. So such a situation spoils your married life.

Society’s pressure or family’s demand : Whenever you marry a person who is above your class, then one thing is sure that you will have to face society and the family members. Society will taunt you on your status and make you feel inferior. In some circumstances, the family also leaves no stone unturned, the mother-in-law demands money or expensive things and if you do not give, you are taunted or tortured, in such a situation there is a deep impact on the mutual relationship of husband and wife. And the matter reaches to divorce.

Financial problems, different personalities : When two people get married, they don’t need to be the same, their caste should be equal or their money should be equal, but some people start giving importance to these things more than love after marriage. They talk about their wealth on the matter, some women get married, but after marriage, they start quarreling because they do not get a luxury life, they do not try to see their husband’s financial problems. In such a situation, the chances of marital life getting spoiled increase.

Top Astrological reasons behind disputes between husband and wife

Today’s era is the age of science, as science is increasing, people’s faith in astrology is decreasing. People do not take interest in the word astrology until something happens to them. Nowadays people get married but do not get the horoscope matched, for which they have to suffer later. etc. can be traced. But nowadays people do not get horoscope matching, due to which various problems start in their life after marriage, quarrel in the house, the quarrel between husband and wife, mutual differences, the dominance of one, lack of food, lack of living, etc. In such a situation, you must take the help of astrology. Pt Suryanarayan Swami Ji will help you in this and you will be able to make your married life laugh and play.

How astrologer Pt. Suryanarayan swami Resolves husband wife dispute

Here we would like to tell you that the solution to all the problems related to husband and wife is hidden in Indian astrology. The main reason for the dispute between husband and wife is in the presence of” Kal Sarp dosha “in their horoscope, apart from this, Mangal Dosha and Pitra Dosha can also become the reason for Husband Wife Dispute. According to Indian astrology, whenever a planet of our solar system changes its location, it affects the life of the people accordingly.Husband Wife Problem Solution Astrologer Pt. Suryanaran Swamiji is always ready to help you, Swamiji has complete knowledge of astrology, he will end the problems going on in your life from the root. Swamiji has been helping people for the last 35 years, he has received many awards in astrology in the country and abroad. You can be sure that you can contact Swamiji, your problem will be 100% cured.

Remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife

यदि आपके आपके पार्टनर के साथ सम्बन्ध अच्छे नही है,या आपका पार्टनर आपकी बात नही सुनता। सिर्फ अपनी ही मनमानी करता है ,दुसरो के बहकावे में आकर आपको भला बुरा कहता है। यदि आप दोनों रोज़ाना झगड़ा करते है तो ऐसी स्थिति ठीक नही है,लोग तमाशा देखते है ,दुनिया हंसती है और आपके झगडे देखकर संतान पर भी बुरा असर पड़ता है। ऐसी परिस्थिति में शांति मंत्र काम देता है।

।। ॐ वरुणाय गंगशान्ति,मनःशांति सर्वशांति अगशांति वनस्पति शांति क्रीम शांति स्वः।।

Stop fight between husband wife by this shanti mantra

|| ॐ करां काली भूत कपाली अष्टभैरव oइक्कीश माली फुं फट स्वः ||